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Configuring and running

Setting up RethinkDB database

Create RethinkDB instance config file

sudo cp config_templates/RethinkDB/gcs_uno_server.conf /etc/rethinkdb/instances.d/gcs_uno_server.conf
Create database instance directory
sudo rethinkdb create -d /var/lib/rethinkdb/gcs_uno_server
Set right permisions to it
sudo chown -R rethinkdb.rethinkdb /var/lib/rethinkdb/gcs_uno_server
Start service
sudo /etc/init.d/rethinkdb start
Check it
sudo /etc/init.d/rethinkdb status

Redis Server configuration

Redis Server does not need any additional configuration. Just check if it runs:

sudo systemctl status redis
If you really need to change its configuration, the config file is here: /etc/redis/redis.conf

Google Maps API Key server uses Google Maps API for front-end maps and backend geocoding lookups, so you need to obtain your API key in order to use it. Here is the original guide of how to get Google Maps API key.

After you have your API key, you need to put it in to files. Open index.html in gcs_uno_server/pilot-ui, find YOUR_API_KEY sting and replace it with your own key.

nano pilot-ui/index.html
Open server_config.js from configs directory and put your key in a GMAPS_API_KEY property:
nano configs/server_config.js

Start app servers

First, cd to servers directory

cd ~/gcs_uno_server/servers
Then start application servers one by one with PM2 process manager.
pm2 start drones-server.js
pm2 start drone-udp-server.js
pm2 start gcs-tcp-server.js
pm2 start ui-server.js

Setup servers autostart on system boot

pm2 startup
This will prompt you one more command, copy it and run.

Save current PM2 list to start on boot

pm2 save

Open dashboard

Open your browser and go to http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:8080

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