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Live Video Streaming with Wowza Cloud

This guide describes basic setup to stream live video from you DJI, Ardupilot or PX4 drone with the help of Wowza Streaming Cloud with Ultra Low-latency feature.

Create new stream target in Wowza Cloud

Log in to your Wowza Streaming Cloud account.
Click on Advanced menu on the top bar (1) and choose Stream Targets (2). Then click Add button to create new stream target (3): Wowza Cloud Setup 1

Choose Wowza CDN - Ultra Low Latency (1) and click Add button (2): Wowza Cloud Setup 2

Enter your preferred stream name (1), choose Source Delivery Method as Push (2), set stream target to be enabled once it is created (3) and finally click Add (4): Wowza Cloud Setup 3

After stream target has been created, you will see its parameters page.
The Primary URL (1) is used to stream live video from your drone's camera. It is also used in iOS app for DJI drones to stream live video. The URL which starts with wss://... from Playback URLs section (2) should be copied as video stream URL to drone's settings in your web control panel. Click on Test player link to get your license key (3): Wowza Cloud Setup 4

Copy your license key and continue with the next step: Wowza Cloud Setup 5

Configure your server with Wowza Player license key

To play live video from Wowza Cloud you need to set up your license key. This step needs to be done only once. Open pilot-ui/index.html and find Wowza Player initialization section:

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.WowzaPlayerLicense = "WOWZA_PLAYER_LICENSE_KEY"
Put your copied key between double quotes instead of WOWZA_PLAYER_LICENSE_KEY.

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