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Connect DJI drones to Server

Connect DJI drone to server

DJI drones are connected to Server instance using our free iOS app.
Please, install the app on your iOS mobile device before following next steps.

Download iOS app from AppStore

If you don't have your server running, please refer to Server installation guide or test the app and your drone with our DJI Test Server.

Create new drone in your control panel

Choose Drones in side menu (1), then click + New drone button (2): Add new DJI drone 1

Type in drone's name of your choice (1), choose DJI in Type menu (2) and click Create (3): Add new DJI drone 2

Set live video playback URLs (1) and click Save (2): Add new DJI drone 3


You can set up to 3 playback URLs, which can be any of supported players type.
Stream video with Nimble Streamer
Stream video with Wowza Cloud Streaming

Configure app

Connect your mobile device to DJI remote controller, turn them on and launch app.
Turn on DJI remote controller

Tap on menu button (1) and choose Settings (2). iOS app settings 1

Set your Server's host (1) and Auth Key (2). If your server uses SSL connection, switch on Use SSL (3). Set RTMP URL for live streaming video (4). Finally tap Save (5). If you are flying your drone in China, you have to login to DJI account (6). iOS app settings 2


You can specify connection port in Server host field, e.g.
If you don't specify connection port, the app will try to connect to default HTTP port 80 in case of SSL turned off. With SSL turned on the default port is 443.


Allowed auth keys for mobile device connections can be set in configs/server_config.js file in DJI_KEYS list.


Note, that each key can be used by single device simultaneously. If you try to use a key which is currently used in active connection with other device, you'll get key in use error in the app's telemetry status.

Now, turn on your copter and wait until the app shows it is successfully connected: iOS app settings 3

Switch on telemetry (1) and video (2) streaming in side menu: iOS app settings 3

After iOS app is connected, you will see online status in your drones list. Click on the drone's name and choose Control from the popup menu: Add new DJI drone 4

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