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Connect Ardupilot and PX4 drones

There are various ways of how to connect Ardupilot and PX4 autopilots to Server.

With in-field pilots

Re-stream telemetry and video from in-field laptop to Server and allow simultaneous control to remote operator: Connect MAVLink drone to server

Autonomous drones and rovers

Connect your autonomous drone's charging station to Server: Connect MAVLink drone to server

Connect autonomous drones directly to server using onboard 3G, 4G and 5G cellular modems and terminals: Connect MAVLink drone to server

Create new drone in your control panel

Choose Drones in side menu (1), then click + New drone button (2): Add new MAVLink drone

Type in drone's name of your choice (1), choose MAVLink in Type menu (2) and click Create (3): Add new MAVLink drone

UDP port IN (1) and TCP port OUT (2) will be randomly set from the allowed range. Allowed ranges of UDP and TCP ports can be configured in configs/common_config.js file.
UDP port is used to stream MAVLink telemetry from drone. TCP port is used to connect desktop Ground Control software (QGroundControl, MissionPlanner etc) remotely. Set live video playback URLs (3) and click Save (4): Add new MAVLink drone


You can set up to 3 playback URLs, which can be any of supported players type.
Stream video with Nimble Streamer
Stream video with Wowza Cloud Streaming

Click on the drone's name and choose Control from the popup menu: Add new MAVLink drone

Once drone's dashboard is opened, click on Info icon (1) and switch on UDP server (2). If you are going to connect with desktop Ground Control software, you can also switch on TCP server (4) for this. Add new MAVLink drone

Now turn on your drone together with ground equipment and configure them to stream telemetry to remote UDP port.
If connection is OK and your drone sends MAVLink data, the control dashboard will switch to Online mode and you will see telemetry data. Add new MAVLink drone

Use your Server host and configured TCP port to connect with QGroundControl: Connect QGroundControl

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