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About Server Server is a web-based Ground Control System application for remote control (BVLOS) of autonomous air and ground vehicles.
It supports DJI drones and MAVLink-based drones such as Ardupilot, PX4 and others.



  • Live remote control using keyboard, onscreen joystick or regular gamepads
  • Live video streaming
  • Mission planner
  • Autonomous mission flights
  • Scheduled or event-triggered flights
  • Dataflash logs analyzer
  • External viewers without or limited control capabilities
  • Connect with any desktop ground control app (QGroundControl, Mission Planner) simultaneously
  • 3rd party services integration

Supported autopilots

Supported Autopilots Server communicates with Ardupilot and PX4 autopilot boards using raw MAVLink protocol (both V.1 and V.2 with automatic detection).
MAVLink autopilots can be connected to Server in various ways.
Check Connect MAVLink drones for more info.

DJI drones use our iOS mobile app to connect to local or remote server.
Check Connect DJI drones for more info.

Follow installation guide to setup your system.

Under the hood Server runs in NodeJS environment and uses Redis Server as in-memory key-value store and RethinkDB as a document database.
Nimble Streamer is used as a self-hosted video streaming server.
Wowza Streaming Cloud can be used instead of self-hosted media server.

The pilot's dashboard can be accessed from any modern browser. We recommend Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers.

Available upon your request on website License website
Support forum